V4 Supercharger

Tesla V4 Superchargers Spotted in Georgia, US

Tesla V4 Superchargers Spotted in Georgia, US

Credit: u/shaheedmalik/Reddit

Tesla continues to add new V4 Supercharger locations in the US. A new charging station, which will be the fourth known in the country, was spotted in East Point, Georgia.

Tesla is actively introducing the V4 Supercharger around the world. Previously, new charging stations appeared in European countries. Recently, the first V4 Supercharger in Asia was also opened, which is located in Hong Kong. Tesla then began installing new charging stations in the US in the fall, expanding charging options for local EV enthusiasts. In late August, a new charging station was spotted in Wilsonville, Oregon. Additionally, V4 Superchargers have been spotted in Sparks, Nevada, and in Prattville, Alabama.

Now, Reddit user u/PatientTechnology869 has shared a photo of yet another charging station. The new V4 Supercharger site is located at 3625 North Commerce Drive, East Point, Georgia. In replies to the post, another user, u/shaheedmalik, also shared photos from the location. According to photographs, there are at least 11 stalls on the property that can be clearly seen. At the time of photographing, the piles were just being installed, since their back cover was still not installed. Judging by the photo, Tesla is already close to completing the installation.

V4 superchargers in Atlanta
byu/PatientTechnology869 inteslamotors

Tesla is expected to accelerate construction of V4 Superchargers across the US in the near future. Some charging stations will be built from scratch, while others will simply be supplemented or retrofitted with new piles. The company will look to quickly expand the number of Supercharger stations in the country and then throughout North America. This step is necessary to ensure that once the network is open to all electric vehicle brands that have entered into an agreement with Tesla to adopt the NACS, users will have a better experience.

V4 Superchargers have a special design with a longer charging cable. This ensures that the charger reaches the vehicle's charging port, no matter where it is located on the vehicle. In addition, they are equipped with a card reader for payments. This is convenient for those users who do not want to install and use the Tesla app.

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